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French translation of software

Translating software

Are you looking for a French translation company specialized in the translation of software, software manuals, localization of software or localization of video games, graphics or multimedia? We are a translation company with wide ranging experience in these areas.

In the localization department we handle audiovisual translation, and the translation and adaptation for computer programs and video games. This is a process which takes in a wide range of activities from the translation of the user interface, the dialogue boxes, menus, messages, etc to the adaptation of the program depending on the linguistic variations and cultural standards of each country.


SOFTWARE LOCALIZATION - we have literally translated TENS of millions of words of software content!


Your software localization project will be in the hands of a multidisciplinary team of linguists, translators, revisers, reviewers, graphics designers, software engineers and developers.

Localization of software, video games, graphics and multimedia in the main languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, etc.

Thanks to globalization, the world has become a smaller place! And it keeps shrinking! In the global village we all live in, the need for translation, translators and interpreters is ever-increasing, especially for non-profit organizations that may not have the funds to keep material and websites up to date. We have helped many different organizations with expert translations to meet there needs to be inclusive to the wider population.

The W3C Internationalization Activity works with W3C working groups and liaises with other organizations to make it possible to use Web technologies with different languages, scripts, and cultures. It is at the leading edge of web development.

We have assisted W3C for many translation projects including:
Getting Started with a Portuguese Translation
Getting Started with a French Translation
Handling Languages on the web in French
Quick Tips to Internationalization in French
Character Sets in French
Display Capabilities in a French Translation
French Translation for Local vs Internationalization
Handling non-English tags in French
HTML encoding for languages in French
Multilingual Encoding in French
Coding of dates and time in French
List of Articles in French
Using the translate attribute in French
2 or 3 Letter ISO in French

For samples of Spanish, please see below:
Visual vs Logical in Spanish
Using the translate element in Spanish
Why use the translate element in Spanish
Working with Languages in Spanish

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Important points that define us as the French translation market leader


We are Certified as per the Canadian Standards Board's CGSB 131.10 and as well as ISO 17100.

Quality Process

Every document we translate into French is completely proofread by a second English French translator.

Personalized Service

We have dedicated Customer Service Coordinators for a single point of contact. Experience sets us apart.


Full on-site and personnel background security safeguards provide unparalleled ability for secure services.


Our rates include free inclusive proofreading as mandated by our certification and we have no hidden costs.

Comprehensive Services

We offer Canadian French translation, proofreading, document formatting, Desktop Publishing, and subtitling for videos.

Word Counts

Word counts are based on your source documents, not estimated numbers in the target language.

Over 100 Other Languages

Even though French translation is important, our parent company translates over 100 languages.

Support for all Formats

A few include doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pptm, pdf, wpd, rtf, txt, qxp, indd, ai, and xml.