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French Translation Services

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Canadian Company Trusted Worldwide!

We are certified as per the Canadian Standards Board to CGSB131.10 and as per ISO 17100 French Translation Services. These Standards and their associated Audits are now being used as a defining factor in determining if you are using a "qualified" French translation service provider.

We provide quality Canadian French translation services using only qualified and experienced native English French translators. Every document we translate into French is completely proofread by a second French translator at no added cost to you. Documents translated from French into English, are proofread by a second English translator.

Why Choose Us

We offer something that few companies can compete with; a unique combination of quality and cost-effectively priced Canadian French translation services with excellent customer service. We are one of the few translation agencies to be certified for French translation, both as per CGSB131.10 and ISO 17100. The result is high customer satisfaction and retention. These key attributes are the reason Language Marketplace is your best language translation service provider!


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Important points that define us as the French translation market leader


We are Certified as per the Canadian Standards Board's CGSB 131.10 and as well as ISO 17100.

Quality Process

Every document we translate into French is completely proofread by a second English French translator.

Personalized Service

We have dedicated Customer Service Coordinators for a single point of contact. Experience sets us apart.


Full on-site and personnel background security safeguards provide unparalleled ability for secure services.


Our rates include free inclusive proofreading as mandated by our certification and we have no hidden costs.

Comprehensive Services

We offer We offer Canadian French translation, proofreading, document formatting, Desktop Publishing, and subtitling for videos.

Word Counts

Word counts are based on your source documents, not estimated numbers in the target language.

Over 100 Other Languages

Even though French translation is important, our parent company translates over 100 languages.

Support for all Formats

A few include doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pptm, pdf, wpd, rtf, txt, qxp, indd, ai, and xml.

Corporate Approach

Our corporate approach includes a spirit of co-operation, collaboration, team cohesion and a sense of identity, all of which contribute to increased productivity and quality of all translation requests. It is characterized by the following key factors:

  • Engagement: Work hand in hand with the client to ensure expectations are met or exceeded; provide regular progress updates (as dictated by the work flow); identify any potential issues and seek clarification with respect to the source text and terminology; and be in tune with client needs to ensure that the translated documents are aligned with client expectations. These areas should facilitate meaningful feedback and improvements.
  • Collaboration: Promote positive and meaningful contributions from the Account Manager and dedicated language service team; ensure availability of resources to carry out all translation requests; foster a culture that encourages teamwork and cooperation; encourage defined team member responsibilities based on collaboration and standing operating procedures; and promote effective communication by establishing regular meetings and/or feedback.
  • Integration: Lexicons and reference materials will be fully analyzed and integrated, identifying early on, any gaps in analysis or work so as to direct effective and efficient translation accordingly, as well as avoid duplication of efforts.
  • Ownership: Taking appropriate ownership of the information, analysis, and reporting reinforces the need for full engagement as well as ensuring confidentiality and respecting the client’s security requirements. We will stand behind our language service deliverables, as well as formally support the resulting recommendations through subsequent discussion, implementation, and follow up work.

By the numbers...

Number of words translated by professional French translators

Number of requests for French services.

On-time requests!

Businesses trusting us to translate for them.


We are certified by the Language Industry Association (AILIA) in accordance with the National Standard of Canada, CAN CGSB 131.10 and ISO 17100.  These certification standards establish and define the requirements for the provision of translation services by translation service providers (TSP’s). They apply to all facets of our French language services, including:

Human Resources of the Translation Company

  • Documented procedures when selecting language services personnel for each project, aligned with competency and education/experience requirements.


Technical Competencies of French Translation Company

  • Applicable to all electronic data storage, archiving and disposal, word processing, computer-assisted translation tools, research tools, safe handling, and familiarity with hardware/software and information sources/media.
  • Client – French Translation Service Provider (TSP) Relationship
  • Basic requirements and steps for the Client – French Translation company relationship, including:
  • Inquiry & feasibility;
  • Quotation;
  • Client – French Translaiton agency agreement;
  • Handling of project related client information; and
  • Project conclusion

Quality Management System

  • Implementation of handling processes for client information/documentation, HR and technical qualification process, terminology process and databases, quality assurance and follow-up/corrective action. The French translation company must meet all standards.


Client - FRENCH TRANSLATION Service Provider Relationship

  • Documented procedures for feasibility analysis, quotations, resource availability, agreements, invoicing and recording;
  • Clear client role/responsibilities, source text, target audience, quality assurance, confidentiality, deadlines, deliverables, pricing and terms of payment and termination.
  • Defined terminology, copyright and liability issues, dispute settlement, handling of client’s documentation, and special requirements.


Project Management Procedures

  • Defined client requirements, statements of work, project management, assignment of French translators / French revisers / French reviewers and technical resources, monitoring, timetables, and updating clients. The French translation agecy must document these.
  • Compliance with client-service provider agreements, maintaining client project-specific log, selecting appropriate personnel as per project requirements.
  • Technical resources / pre-translation processing / linguistic aspects.


French Translation Process

  • Relevant references, documents, information regarding source text.
  • Agreement with similar or concurrent projects. The French translation company must take into account all other projects!
  • End-users / target audience and purpose. Is the target Canadian French or Continental French?
  • Local conventions, regional standards for both English French Translation and French English Translation
  • English French Translatiors and French English Tranlsation must watch syntax, spelling, punctuation, grammar, terminology, lexicology, style, formatting.
  • Specific domain and client terminology.
  • Applicable style guides.
  • Checking, revision, review, and final proofreading. The French translation company must have all processes firmly in place!

What clients are saying!

We provide French translation services to a wide range of clients across Canada and the USA including Ajax, Barrie, Belleville, Brampton, Brantford, Burlington, Caledon, Cambridge, Chatham, Concord, Etobicoke, Kitchener, the GTA, Guelph, Hamilton, Kingston, London, Markham, Milton, Mississauga, Newmarket, Niagara Falls, Oakville, Orillia, Oshawa, Ottawa, Peterborough, Pickering, Richmond Hill, St. Catharines, Sarnia, Scarborough, Thornhill, Toronto, Vaughan, Waterloo, Whitby, Windsor and Woodbridge, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Halifax, Saskatoon, St. Johns, Quebec, NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Moncton.

We also translate a wide range of documents including instruction manuals into French, product literature, letters, specifications, signage, annual reports, specs, contracts, agreements, web sites, data sheets, websites, papers, brochures, memos, catalogs, and packaging. Subjects we handle include sales, marketing, pharmaceuticals, legal, law, medicine, health care, chemicals, food, agriculture, computer hardware and software, information technology, technical specifications, accounting, financial, automotive, transportation, construction, architecture, ads, promotional, finance, investments, cosmetics, insurance, banking and communications.