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French translation of documents


Today, accurate document translation is essential for effective communication for any global company. We offer our clients prompt and reliable French translation service by utilizing today’s technology and the benefits of the internet and email for fast communication.

Language Marketplace provides high quality French translation services, as well as translation services in more than 140 other languages. We provide French translation services and all languages in a wide array of subjects, such as:

• Brochure Translation into French
• Translation of Employee Handbooks into French
• Job Description Translation
• Translation of all Technical Documents, including drawings
• Manual Translation into French
• Translation of Safety Documents into French
• HR Document Translation into French
• Business Financial Reports
• Website Translation and Localization into French
• Translation of Technical documents and Patent documentation Translation
• Legal documentation, contracts and general business correspondence or documents, etc.

We provide expert French translators for all types of documents and we are a certified translation service provider.

Our groups of dedicated French language translation teams are made up of professional French linguists who are highly experienced French translators. Our French translators are carefully selected for each project according to their experience and expertise translating into their native language only. All of our translators are fully accredited and the utmost qualified. Our French translators and all other languages translators also have memberships at Translation and Interpreters associations throughout Canada and worldwide showing a keen interest in professional development and translation industry growth.

We maintain a rigorous quality control process for all translation projects. We are ISO 17100 Certified and CAN/CGSB-131.10 Certified.

As a Certified French Translation Service provider, all of our translators hold a linguistic degree from a major university in their target language.

All written documents, regardless of their size and turnaround time, are first evaluated by an account coordinator to match the projects nuances with the appropriate translator. A terminology platform may be developed to ensure document consistency. It is then translated, edited, and also proofread by a second translator. Finally, the account coordinator reviews the finished product for structural integrity. This team-oriented process ensures consistency in content, form, and style of the translated document.

We create company-specific glossaries for large on-going translation projects, which tend to have many revisions. Such glossaries ensure accurate and consistent use of terminology for future related translation projects as well.

Our superior French translation services ensure your effectiveness, competitiveness and ultimately your success in foreign and local bi-lingual markets.

Delivery can be arranged by E-mail , fax, courier or regular mail.

We work with ALL file formats such as HTML, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, etc.

We provide free accurate cost estimates/quotations promptly. Our estimates will have the total cost and turnaround time to complete the project.


We focus our French Translation Services on Business and Government Institutions.

We are committed to providing the highest quality in business translation services while guaranteeing the best price to our customers.
Our two key focus areas are business and government -we do not perform personal document translation for individuals.

We offer competitive rates and they are always inclusive of translation, proofreading by a second translator and a final format review.

It would be our pleasure to discuss your next French translation requirement, or translation into / from any other language. We can be reached via telephone, toll free in North America, at 1-888-294-3032.

For a fast, no-obligation cost estimate for translation of your documents, simply send an email to Attach your files and let us know your contact information -- hit send! We will have an estimate ready for you normally within 1 hour! Our knowledgeable staff will help you every step of the way.

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Important points that define us as the French translation market leader


We are Certified as per the Canadian Standards Board's CGSB 131.10 and as well as ISO 17100.

Quality Process

Every document we translate into French is completely proofread by a second English French translator.

Personalized Service

We have dedicated Customer Service Coordinators for a single point of contact. Experience sets us apart.


Full on-site and personnel background security safeguards provide unparalleled ability for secure services.


Our rates include free inclusive proofreading as mandated by our certification and we have no hidden costs.

Comprehensive Services

We offer Canadian French translation, proofreading, document formatting, Desktop Publishing, and subtitling for videos.

Word Counts

Word counts are based on your source documents, not estimated numbers in the target language.

Over 100 Other Languages

Even though French translation is important, our parent company translates over 100 languages.

Support for all Formats

A few include doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pptm, pdf, wpd, rtf, txt, qxp, indd, ai, and xml.